Installing a Landline Telephone

Installing a Landline Telephone

5 Ways Voice Service Upgrades Can Increase Productivity In The Office

Mathew Hunter

It's easy for businesses to stick to the same voice services and equipment that have been used in the office for years. Even if the system works well enough, the productivity in your office can be improved by upgrading the voice service to include additional features. Without knowing these features, it's hard to understand what's missing, but even smallest upgrade can make positive differences to the daily workflow.

The following five upgrades will make it easier to communicate and produce quality work.

Voice Service Status Updates

One of the biggest wastes of time in an office is playing phone tag. Leaving voice mails, listening to voice mails, and just missing someone at their desk can become a large hassle. By upgrading and implementing voice service status updates, you have the ability to see who is available and ready for calls. The status updates have a variety of ways to confirm your phone call availability.

  • Available/Idle: This icon indicates that the person is readily available for a call. A small video icon can indicate that they are at logged onto a phone with video chat capabilities.
  • On A Call: Don't waste time on call waiting or dealing with busy signals when you can receive notifications while someone is talking on the phone.
  • Do Not Disturb Statuses: When in an important meeting or completing tasks, a "Do Not Disturb" status can prevent calls from disrupting the work schedule.

Bring Your Own Device

Supplying a whole office with desk phones and mobile devices is a huge investment, especially for companies with a large employee base. Instead of providing mobile devices, the same technology used for desk phones can be installed in mobile devices.

By installing apps and other connection software, the mobile devices can act as business phones. This includes call forwarding and the same business phone number for the mobile and desk phone. This can help increase productivity when the employee is not at the desk or temporarily working from home.

Device Transfers

Along with bringing your own phone, new voice service technology allows calls and meetings to convert from multiple devices instantly. This allows a person to extend the conversation without being stuck at a desk. For example, if a phone meeting is going long, a button can transfer the call to the mobile device and continue the call with redialing or interrupting.

Along with mobile transfer abilities, this type of service can also be found on tablets.

Text Messaging

Sometimes, quick messages or notes are not worth an email or phone call. Save time by implementing voice services with built-in text messaging. There are many ways to use the text services.

  • Group Texts: Send meeting reminders or group notes through a mass text message that is only sent through the voice system of your business.
  • Private Number Protection: Personal numbers are kept private, so you can easily communicate outside of the office without giving out too much personal information.
  • In-Call Texting: Send quick texts while in the middle of a call. It makes it easy to multi-task and communicate.

HD Voice Upgrades

Call clarity and understanding can be a large problem when you're trying to conduct business on a daily basis. One of the biggest upgrades you can make is by implementing HD voice features into your business phone system.

HD voice systems have the ability to increase the frequency of the call and can analyze the voice samples a lot more easily. This results in clear audio, easy to understand conversations, and a phone call that flows more naturally. Even if the other caller doesn't have HD voice features, there will still be an improvement in the call quality.

Consider how these upgrades can help your office and work with a voice service professional to implement as many as possible into your business.


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