Installing a Landline Telephone

Installing a Landline Telephone

4 Benefits Of Switching To An IP PBX System

Mathew Hunter

An internet protocol private branch exchange (IP PBX) phone system uses the internet instead of traditional phone lines to make and receive calls. This gives it many advantages over other types of phone lines. If you are thinking about making the switch to an IP PBX system, check out these four benefits.

It is Easy to Install and Manage

Because an IP PBX system uses IP data networks and computer software, it is extremely easy to install vs. other phone systems. With other systems, you'll probably need to hire someone to install the system, but with an IP PBX system, anyone in the company who already knows about networking and computers (such as your own IT staff) can install the system because it is done on a computer.

On top of that, managing the system is also easy. Instead of managing the phone setup, menu, etc. via the actual phone, you manage it through a web-based configuration interface, which gives you more access that is easy to use. If your company grows, the system can easily grow with it. It's simple to add more phone lines and extensions to the existing system without adding additional hardware modules or purchasing an entirely new system altogether.

You Can Offer Better Customer Service

Another advantage of switching to an IP PBX system is that you can provide better customer service. Imagine that you call a company to ask a question or make a complaint; if the person answering the phone already knew who you were, wouldn't that make you feel a little special? IP PBX systems are computer-based, so they can automatically pull up a customer's record when they call. This allows your customer service reps to provide faster service.

Complex phone systems are great, but one common problem with them is that they become so complex that new employees may not know how to work them. For example, a seemingly simple act like transferring a call may require a few steps. Forget one step and the call is lost. How many times have you been disconnected during a transfer? It's so common that it is one of the biggest customer service complaints. IP PBX systems are easier to control thanks to the user-friendly computer-based system, so employees can offer better support during transferring, conference calls, etc.

They Allow for Mobility  

IP PBX systems are great for people who move around. For starters, if your employee needs to work at another desk to complete a certain task, but they still need access to their phone, you don't have to do anything special. The employee simply brings the phone to the new desk, and they are connected to their line.

Another advantage is if you have users who work from home. The system can often be connected to home phones, cellphones and computers outside of the office. This usually just involves a password and internet connection, and it allows individuals who can't come to the office to continue working.

It May Actually Save Your Business Money

One great feature is that because IP PBX systems use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), they can make phone calls via the internet, which means you may be able to get free long distance calling. Even if the provider doesn't offer free long distance calls, you can still save money. If your company has multiple branches, you can even use the same system for all branches, which allows you to call other branches for free.

Another way IP PBX systems save you money is that they come with many amazing features, for which you don't have to pay extra. Additional features include voice mail, advanced reporting and auto attendant. With other systems, you may have to pay extra fees for all these features.

An IP PBX phone system can really improve the calling capability within your company and save you money in the long run. If you would like more information about IP PBX systems, contact a provider in your area today. 


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