Installing a Landline Telephone

Installing a Landline Telephone

5 Features to Look for When Choosing Headsets for Your Customer Service or Sales Team

Mathew Hunter

If you run a call center or do a lot of phone sales, you need to have the right phone system products, and a great headset can be essential. A headset keeps your employees more comfortable than they would be if they had to hold a phone receiver all day, but it's important to realize not all headsets are created equally. Here are some of the features you may want to look for.

1. Noise Cancelling Microphone

When a client talks to someone in your office, the way that individual sounds reflects on your entire company. Ideally, you want everyone to sound like a smooth professional with their own office, and you don't want clients to hear a lot of call center chatter in the background. To prevent that, look for phone headsets with noise cancelling microphones.

2. Large Ear Cups

While the microphone prevents extraneous noise from reaching your clients, it doesn't prevent that noise from reaching your employee, and that can be distracting. To help your employees focus on their phone calls, you may want to look for headsets with large ear cups. The bigger the cups, and the more completely they go over your employees ears, the less outside noise the employees will have to deal with.

3. Foam or Leatherette Coverings

To further enhance the noise cancelling power of the ear cups, foam and leatherette coverings can help. These are also useful if you want multiple employees to use the same headset. You can just change the foam covers between each employee.

4. Wireless

Wireless functionality allows your employees to walk around while on a call. This can be useful for long calls where employees may get stir crazy. It also helps if there are cases where your employees may need to go to another part of the building to check on something—for example, an employee might need to go to an inventory area to check something for a client, and that's more convenient with a wireless headset.

5. Buttons on the Headset

If the headset is wireless, you also need control buttons on the headset so that your employees can accept or hang up calls regardless of how near the phone cradle they are. Ideally, you want a button to hang up and answer the call as well as a mute button and volume controls.However, you may also want buttons to transfer calls or any other features you think are useful.

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