Installing a Landline Telephone

Installing a Landline Telephone

Do You Backup Your Data?

Mathew Hunter

Everyone has a lot of data stored on different media, such as hard disk drive, solid state drive, USB drive, CD, DVD, etc. Over the course of years, storage media had more and more capacity and nowadays we are talking about dozens of gigabytes while terabytes are no longer something only a few people can afford. This means that a lot of people have a lot of storage space filled with thousands of photographs, video clips, documents, and other data which is important to its owner. If a media breaks down and stops working, the data it contains will probably be lost for good. Or not? Experts always assert the importance of regular backups of data, but many people ignore this advice and later regret when they lose their data. When there is no backup and a storage device breaks down, it is the time for a cloud based data center to act.

Data recovery centers are companies whose specialization is to recover data from damaged storage devices. Data recovery is done by using different hardware and software tools which enable access to the damaged device when it is not working normally. The first step in data recovery is to make diagnose in order to determine the nature of malfunction and its cause. Afterward, a process of recovery is determined based on the diagnose. After the recovery, a verification of recovered data is performed. The amount of recoverable data depends on the type of damage which a device suffered. Sometimes it is possible to recover all of the contents of a media and sometimes only a part of it or nothing.

In most cases, data recovery is associated with hard drives, but it also encompasses many other storage devices. For example, many people think that it is not possible to recover data from USB flash drives, solid state drives or memory cards. These devices have two basic elements, a chip, and a controller. Data recovery is not possible when a chip is destroyed (broken or burnt). Most of the time, a device stops functioning because of a controller malfunction. The function of a controller is to perform read and write operations and if it fails, it is usually possible to recover all of the data from the device. Controllers use an algorithm to perform their function and each manufacturer has its own algorithm which is not available to general public. In order to recover data, it is necessary to "break" the algorithm. The process of data recovery from Mini and MicroSD cards is a bit different as these types of memory cards do not have controllers.

A major concern when it comes to data recovery is privacy. People are worried that their data is not misused. Therefore, it is necessary to make a research and find a good data recovery center with a good reputation. Professional and serious data recovery centers have different mechanisms to protect their clients' data and this includes physical protection, encryption, deletion of data after recovery and other procedures.

When it comes to pricing, it is important to say that data recovery is not cheap. The price depends on many factors, such as the type of a storage device, nature of the malfunction, etc. For example, it is usually more expensive to recover data from a hard drive than from a USB flash drive. This is another reason why you should regularly backup your important data. A backup will reduce the stress when a storage device stops working, but also save you a great deal of money which you can use to replace your broken device.


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