Installing a Landline Telephone

Installing a Landline Telephone

Stuck In A Contract? Phone Solutions That Help

Mathew Hunter

The biggest problem most consumers have with phone services today is the contract. It does not matter if they are getting phone service for a business, phone service for themselves, or phones and service for their employees or family members. They are all cornered into contracts to get a good deal. Contracts exist so that the phone companies know that you will choose their service and that they will receive steady income for the terms of that contract, so there is no real way to avoid it with any provider you choose. However, some contracts' terms are better than others, and the phone solutions provided by some companies are better than others. If you are currently mid-contract with one company whose services you do not like, there are phone solutions that can help. 

Contract Buyouts

Wait for a sale where a competitor offers to buy out the phone service contract you have. If it is a competitor whose services appeal to you at the price you want, perfect. If not, wait for the provider you want to make the same deal. Better yet, walk into a service provider's store, ask to speak to the manager, and ask him/her if his/her company is willing to cut the same deal and buy out the contract you have with a competitor. Many phone companies are willing to do that now, but you have to either wait or ask someone in charge in person. 

Get Phones and Services from the Competitor and Cancel Time Remaining on Your Current Contract

If your current contract is almost up, and the cancellation fee is nominal (e.g., less than $300), you may just decide that it is worth it to start service with a new provider and new phones. Get the new phones and services set up first. Then cancel your old phone service. If you are making payments on cell phones with your current provider, you may have to make a one-time bulk payment on the phones, but then they are yours to keep, sell, or trade elsewhere.

Wait until Your Phones Are Paid for, and Then Change Services

If you already own your phones, then you do not have to finish paying for them. You can just change services and not worry about contracts because other phone service providers allow you to BYOD, or "bring your own devices." Additionally, you can get a head start on phone services by getting landlines set up and using those while you wait for any remaining time on contracts to expire. 

For more information reach out to a company like Unified Global Solutions. 


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Installing a Landline Telephone

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